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25 April 2019

Fix foo_basics name (view diff)

Simplify plugin.xml list, other changes per review. (view diff)

24 April 2019

intellij_artifacts: formatting (view diff)

19 April 2019

Add SDK code and doc style guides Update since and until-build values. (view diff)

23 April 2019

API 2019: use internal link (#167) (view diff)

Notable Changes 2019: @ApiStatus.Internal (IDEA-211175) (view diff)

Notify about removal of com.intellij.extapi.psi.PsiElementBase (view diff)

themes: clarify ‘id’ attribute (view diff)

22 April 2019

Fix link. (view diff)

Deleted shortName and provider classes. (view diff)

16 April 2019

Add references to VFS and Document utils (view diff)

17 April 2019 update link for Sikuli (view diff)

gradline-intellij plugin 0.4.8 (view diff)

15 April 2019 use upsource:// link (IJSDK-77) (view diff) use upsource:// link (IJSDK-77) (view diff) use upsource:// link (IJSDK-77) (view diff) use upsource:// link (IJSDK-77) (view diff)

  • Part VIII - Product Specific / PyCharm use upsource:// link (IJSDK-77) (view diff) use upsource:// link (IJSDK-77) (view diff)

12 April 2019

Notable API Changes: introduction text (IJSDK-568) (view diff)

Incompatible API Changes: introduction text (IJSDK-568) (view diff)

Custom Language Tutorial: landing page (view diff)

Custom Language Tutorial - 4.2.: remove download JFlex image, reword (view diff)

Custom Language Tutorial - 1. Prerequisites: remove plugin manager image (view diff)

11 April 2019

Revert documentation of @Experimental API change. (view diff)

Incompatibilities 2019: document new abstract method in ProfilerConfigurationType.getLanguageSettingsGroup(). (view diff)

8 April 2019

Clarify vertical scrollbar color controls. (#161) (view diff)

24 March 2019

Rewrite comparing references inspection (view diff)
Rewrite inspections tutorial doc

5 April 2019

Fix typo (view diff)
“te” to “the”

4 April 2019

API changes: note about changes with @Experimental (view diff)

API changes 2019: remove ProfilerConfigurationType.getLanguageSettingsGroup() entry (view diff)

3 April 2019 same column width for all tables (view diff)

IJSDK-551 link from themes_intro (view diff)

IJSDK-551 Document exposing custom Theme customization keys from (3rd party) plugins (view diff)

2 April 2019

Add IntelliJ Platform version 2019.1 (#159) (view diff)

29 March 2019 cleanup (view diff) note about DialogWrapper.DEFAULT_ACTION (view diff)

26 March 2019

YK bundling is not possible using ProductProperties (#158) (view diff)

25 March 2019

gradle-intellij-plugin v0.4.7 (view diff) use proper upsource link (view diff)

gradle-intellij-plugin v0.4.6 (view diff)

template_support: fix hardcoded link to UP (inspired by #157) (view diff)

Gradle note about upgrading to latest version (view diff)

Fix the typos. (view diff)

Update patterns in the incompatibilities guide. (view diff)

Incompatibilities 2019.2: added abstract method to ProfilerConfigurationType. (view diff)

20 March 2019

Incompatibilities 2019: document removal of “com.yourkit” package. (view diff)

Last modified: 26 April 2019