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28 February 2020 2020.1 (view diff) remove 2020.1 compatibility checks note (view diff)

Fix mismatch in closing tag (view diff)

27 February 2020 group Python (view diff)

PyCharm API changes (#254) (view diff)
Document PyCharm API changes due to

Add “Content Updates” page listing notable updates/additions to docs/samples (view diff)

Custom Language test tutorial: align page title (view diff)

26 February 2020

replace deprecated runIde.ideaDirectory with runIde.ideDirectory (view diff)

  • Part VIII - Product Specific / AppCode
  • Part VIII - Product Specific / CLion
  • Part VIII - Product Specific / DataGrip
  • Part VIII - Product Specific / GoLand
  • Part VIII - Product Specific / PhpStorm
  • Part VIII - Product Specific / PyCharm
  • Part VIII - Product Specific / RubyMine
  • Part VIII - Product Specific / WebStorm

25 February 2020

stubs: stubElementTypeHolder EP mention externalIdPrefix (view diff)

notable 2020: Configurable status bar widgets (view diff)

24 February 2020

Custom Language Tutorial: link code sample on GH (view diff)

notable 2020: Refactoring “open in editor” (view diff)

notable 2020: unbundled plugins (view diff)

19 February 2020

merge IJSDK-795, Update guidelines (view diff)

New Copyright in markdown files (view diff)

Plugin listeners: cleanup (view diff)

Update formatting of Condition type (#252) (view diff)

Plugin listeners: add paragraph “Additional attributes” (view diff)

18 February 2020

Update docs, merge IJSDK-784 (view diff)

Doc cleanup (view diff)

17 February 2020

merge IJSDK-781, Update docs (view diff) some clarification (view diff) typo (view diff) typo (view diff) typo (view diff)

Fix for Link Checker (view diff)

16 February 2020

Update docs (view diff)

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