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16 October 2019

Api Changes 2019: cosmetics (view diff)

Api Changes 2019: Cucumber API (view diff)

15 October 2019 typo (view diff)

API changes: add a documentation pattern for “property X removed from resource bundle Y”. (view diff) upgrade gradle plugin to latest version (view diff) format build.gradle as groovy (view diff)

14 October 2019

notable 2019: unbundled plugins + Applets (view diff)

9 October 2019

IJSDK-670 (view diff)

4 October 2019

Update (view diff)
Changing the name of the root directory

2 October 2019

Update (view diff)
Making directory structure demo clear if using linux tree style

1 October 2019

external_system_integration: cleanup (view diff)

Correct more links (#204) (view diff)

Correct links for ProjectImportBuilder et al (#203) (view diff)
files were moved in d21555635003c5660a8276cee95ea644a99f7e1e

ProjectEntityData => ExternalEntityData (#202) (view diff)
Class was renamed in 9d804d108cdc45ebaffb7e64e8864641c811f619

Fix link to ConfigurationTypeBase (#207) (view diff)

Update (view diff)
若startOffset不+1,则会包含“website”左侧的冒号;若endOffset不-1,则会包含“website”右侧的引号,两种情况都怪怪的。if we don’t +1 for the ‘startOffset’, then the colon at the left side of “website” will be included; if we don’t -1 for the ‘endOffset’, then the quote mark at the right side of “website” will be included, and both of them are strange.——–另,github仓库的源码(有误,如下:btw,the source code in the repository in github( is wrong as below:if (properties.size() == 1) {TextRange range = new TextRange(element.getTextRange().getStartOffset() + 7,element.getTextRange().getStartOffset() + 7);//new TextRange时endOffset跟startOffset相同。//endOffset is the same as startOffset while new TextRange.

27 September 2019

indexing_and_psi_stubs: link to Indices Viewer plugin (view diff)

26 September 2019

IJSDK-642 (view diff)

25 September 2019

Notable 2019.2: unbundled plugins, list names (view diff)

Notable 2019.3: unbundled plugins (view diff)

cleanup: DeploymentConfigurationManager.createAndRunConfiguration (#210) (view diff)

Method removed: DeploymentConfigurationManager.createAndRunConfiguration (#210) (view diff)
- removed at

24 September 2019

Increase png resolution (view diff)

17 September 2019

Update (#205) (view diff)

13 September 2019

Sentence case (view diff)

10 September 2019

Cleanup, new images, modify menu (view diff)

13 September 2019

API Changes 2019.3: separate group for Ruby (view diff)

welcome: revert temporary note about u/p on plugin repo (view diff)

12 September 2019

API Changes: note @Experimental on each page (view diff)

11 September 2019

Fix links to framework_basics files (view diff)

Add code completion for module list (view diff)

Update (view diff)
com.intellij.openapi.util.BuildNumber.getBuildNumber() method removed

10 September 2019

Incorporate PR feedback (view diff)

9 September 2019

Draft (view diff)

6 September 2019

Add PR feedback (view diff)

5 September 2019

Document createTypeBySymbolFromProviders incompatible change (#199) (view diff)

4 September 2019

API Changes 2019: fix syntax (view diff)

API Changes: fix missing class in reference (view diff)

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