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14 June 2019

Build Number Ranges: 192 (view diff)

13 June 2019

the string not change color (view diff)
fix the bug, when string matched, the string not change color

language_and_filetype: Register file type 2019.2+ reword (view diff)

11 June 2019

notable changes 2019: StartupActivity#BACKGROUND_POST_STARTUP_ACTIVITY (view diff)

7 June 2019

**notable api 2019: update EP with exact file naming matching** ([view diff](

feature_extractor: update docs (MP-2315) (view diff) update reference to GrammarKit (preferred plugin) (view diff)

implementing_parser_and_psi: update notes w/r using GrammarKit/manual code/ANTLRv4 (view diff)

6 June 2019

notable changes 2019: TextEditorHighlightingPassFactory (view diff)

plugin_extensions_and_extension_points: fix link to ‘@Attribute’ (view diff)

plugin_extensions_and_extension_points: new section “Extension properties code insight” (view diff)

5 June 2019

**new EP ** ([view diff](

gradle-intellij-plugin 0.4.9 (view diff)

4 June 2019

IJ Platform Artifacts: note about using HTTPS (view diff)

3 June 2019

**Cleanup notes** ([view diff](

Gradle: note about using HTTPS for repositories (view diff)

XML DOM: Cleanup (view diff)

XML DOM: update sample plugin links (view diff)

use HTTPS in all links - revert for (view diff)

use HTTPS in all links (view diff)

virtual_file_system: mention AsyncFileListener (view diff)

31 May 2019

**Added for compatibility with IntelliJ IDEA** ([view diff](

30 May 2019

Add jbre instructions (view diff)

7 May 2019

1st round of feedback; restored previous ‘Running Gradle Plugin’ content (view diff)

23 May 2019

**IJSDK-608 plugin.xml: is unused** ([view diff](

notable api changes: headers for major versions (view diff)

22 May 2019

Add guidelines for writing descriptions, change-notes (view diff)

21 May 2019

FAQ: cleanup (IJSDK-544) (view diff)

PSI Cookbook: cleanup (view diff)

20 May 2019

api changes: headers for major versions (view diff)

Api changes:$default (view diff)

Api changes: cleanup (view diff)

Api changes 2019: fast-serialization library (view diff)

16 May 2019

Notable changes: unbundled plugins in IJ (view diff)

15 May 2019

add ‘@’ to annotation FQNs (view diff)

Notable changes 2019.2: add @ApiStatus.NonExtendable and @ApiStatus.OverrideOnly annotations. (view diff)

13 May 2019

Kotlin: note/link to UI Designer with Kotlin issue (view diff)

Kotlin: link to “Kotlin UI DSL” (view diff)

9 May 2019

Key Topics: link PSI (view diff)

Move link ‘Extension points’ to the existing item (view diff)

8 May 2019

Notable Changes: SdkType#getInvalidHomeMessage (view diff)

6 May 2019

Rewrote gradle project creation and conversion sections (view diff)

3 May 2019

Kotlin UI DSL: notes/tip formatting (view diff)

Remove duplicate heading (view diff)

Add Kotlin UI DSL documentation (view diff)

cleanup callout syntax (view diff)

2 May 2019

IJSDK-579 Plugin Extensions and Extension Points: default properties (view diff)

Last modified: 14 June 2019