IntelliJ Platform SDK DevGuide

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Running and Debugging a Plugin

It’s possible to run and debug a plugin directly from the IntelliJ IDEA. You need a configured special profile (a Plugin Run/Debug configuration) that specifies the plugin module, VM parameters and other specific options. When you run such profile, it launches the IDE with your plugin installed.

For information on how to change the Run/Debug configuration profile, refer to Run/Debug Configuration and Run/Debug Configuration: Plugin in IntelliJ IDEA Web Help.

Using IntelliJ IDEA’s debugger, you can find out the origin of the run-time errors and exceptions.

To debug a plugin

  • Select Run | Debug in the main menu, or press Shift + F9.

To run a plugin

  • Select Run | Run in the main menu, or press Shift + F10.
Last modified: 17 June 2019