IntelliJ Platform SDK DevGuide

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Deploying a Plugin

Before your custom plugin can be used, it must be deployed: built, installed, and then enabled using Plugin Manager.

To deploy a plugin:

  • Make your project by invoking Build | Make Project.
  • Prepare your plugin for deployment. In the main menu, select Build | Prepare Plugin Module ‘<module name>’ for Deployment.

    Prepare Plugin for Deployment

  • If the plugin module does not depend on any libraries, a .jar archive will be created. Otherwise, a .zip archive will be created including all the plugin libraries specified in the project settings.

    Jar Saved Notification

  • Copy the newly created archive file to the .IntelliJIDEAx0\config\plugins folder, and then restart your IDE so the changes may take effect. To know how to locate your plugins directory, refer to IDE Settings, Caches, Logs, and Plugins.

    Jar File Location

  • In the main menu, select File | Settings to open the Settings dialog box.
  • In the Settings dialog box, under IDE Settings, click Plugins.
  • In the Plugins area, open the Installed tab, and then select the check-box next to your plugin name.
  • When finished, click OK to close the Settings dialog box.
  • Restart the IDE so that your changes take effect.
Last modified: 9 June 2017