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Contributing to IntelliJ Project

Trademark Usage Guidelines

The following are guidelines for using the trademarks and logos of JetBrains s.r.o.

JetBrains®, IntelliJ®, ReSharper® are registered trademarks owned by Jetbrains s.r.o.

DotTrace™, TeamCity™, RubyMine™, YouTrack™ are trademarks owned by Jetbrains s.r.o.

You may not incorporate the 'IntelliJ' trademark into the name of your company or software product name. If you have a software product that works with IntelliJ IDEA, it is suggested that you use terms such as '<product name> for IntelliJ' or ‘<productname>, IntelliJ Edition’.

It is acceptable to include the 'IntelliJ' trademark in the name of a publication, certification program or book. However, you must ensure that a) the appropriate ® symbol is associated with the 'IntelliJ' reference and appropriate attribution as discussed below, and b) 'IntelliJ' is not concatenated with another word.

Use "IntelliJ" in its distinctive form, i.e., always capitalize the first 'I', and last 'J'.
Use "JetBrains" in its distinctive form, i.e., always capitalize the first 'J', and 'B', and leave no space between "Jet" and "Brains".

When referencing IntelliJ IDEA, the Java IDE by JetBrains, you shouldn't use name 'IDEA' without the 'IntelliJ' prefix, though you can use 'IntelliJ' as a shorthand notation for 'IntelliJ IDEA', in appropriate context.

An important use of the 'JetBrains' and 'IntelliJ' trademarks is the 'org.jetbrains' or 'org.intellij' strings used on all namespaces for open source projects. This naming convention is used to identify code that has been developed as JetBrains' open source project. Therefore, we request that no one except JetBrains open source projects develop or maintain software packages that use 'org.jetbrains' or 'org.intellij' in their namespace.

You can use the images on the logos page as logos of JetBrains and products by JetBrains only in connection with these products and with reference to the appropriate product. You cannot modify any of these logos without permission from JetBrains s.r.o. You should follow "Link Logo Guidelines" when using link logos placed on the abovementioned logos page.

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