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8. Line Marker Provider

Line markers help to annotate any code with icons on the gutter. These icons may provide navigation to related code.

8.1. Define a line marker provider

Let’s annotate usages of our properties within Java code and provide navigation to the definition of these properties.

package com.simpleplugin; import com.intellij.codeInsight.daemon.*; import com.intellij.codeInsight.navigation.NavigationGutterIconBuilder; import com.intellij.openapi.project.Project; import com.intellij.psi.*; import com.simpleplugin.psi.SimpleProperty; import org.jetbrains.annotations.NotNull; import java.util.*; public class SimpleLineMarkerProvider extends RelatedItemLineMarkerProvider { @Override protected void collectNavigationMarkers(@NotNull PsiElement element, Collection<? super RelatedItemLineMarkerInfo> result) { if (element instanceof PsiLiteralExpression) { PsiLiteralExpression literalExpression = (PsiLiteralExpression) element; String value = literalExpression.getValue() instanceof String ? (String) literalExpression.getValue() : null; if (value != null && value.startsWith("simple" + ":")) { Project project = element.getProject(); final List<SimpleProperty> properties = SimpleUtil.findProperties(project, value.substring(7)); if (properties.size() > 0) { NavigationGutterIconBuilder<PsiElement> builder = NavigationGutterIconBuilder.create(SimpleIcons.FILE). setTargets(properties). setTooltipText("Navigate to a simple property"); result.add(builder.createLineMarkerInfo(element)); } } } } }

More technical details for implementers

  • Please return line marker info for exact element you were asked for. For example, do not return class marker info if getLineMarkerInfo() was called for a method.

  • Please return relevant line marker info for as small element as possible. For example, do not return method marker for PsiMethod. Instead, return it for the PsiIdentifier which is a name of this method.

Even more technical details:

What happens when LineMarkerProvider returns something for too big PsiElement?

public class MyLineMarkerProvider implements LineMarkerProvider { public LineMarkerInfo getLineMarkerInfo(@NotNull PsiElement element) { if (element instanceof PsiMethod) return new LineMarkerInfo(element, ...); return null; } }

Inspection (specifically, LineMarkersPass) for performance reasons queries all LineMarkerProviders in two passes:

  • first pass for all elements in visible area

  • second pass for all the rest elements

If providers return nothing for either area, its line markers are cleared. So if e.g. a method is half-visible (its name is visible but part of its body isn’t) and some poorly written LineMarkerProvider returned info for the PsiMethod instead of PsiIdentifier then:

  • the first pass removes line marker info because whole PsiMethod is not visible.

  • the second pass tries to add line marker info back because LineMarkerProvider is called for the PsiMethod at last.

As a result, line marker icon would blink annoyingly. To fix this, rewrite LineMarkerProvider to return info for PsiIdentifier instead of PsiMethod:

public class MyLineMarkerProvider implements LineMarkerProvider { public LineMarkerInfo getLineMarkerInfo(@NotNull PsiElement element) { if (element instanceof PsiIdentifier && element.getParent() instanceof PsiMethod) return new LineMarkerInfo(element, ...); return null; } }

8.2. Register the line marker provider

<codeInsight.lineMarkerProvider language="JAVA" implementationClass="com.simpleplugin.SimpleLineMarkerProvider"/>

8.3. Run the project

Now you see the icon on the gutter and can navigate to the property definition.

Line Marker

Last modified: 6 October 2017