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11. Find Usages Provider

A find usage provider uses a word scanner to build an index of words present in every file. A scanner breaks the text into words, defines the context for each word and passes it to the find usage provider.

11.1. Define a find usages provider

package com.simpleplugin; import com.intellij.lang.cacheBuilder.*; import com.intellij.lang.findUsages.FindUsagesProvider; import com.intellij.psi.*; import com.intellij.psi.tree.TokenSet; import com.simpleplugin.psi.*; import org.jetbrains.annotations.*; public class SimpleFindUsagesProvider implements FindUsagesProvider { @Nullable @Override public WordsScanner getWordsScanner() { return new DefaultWordsScanner(new SimpleLexerAdapter(), TokenSet.create(SimpleTypes.KEY), TokenSet.create(SimpleTypes.COMMENT), TokenSet.EMPTY); } @Override public boolean canFindUsagesFor(@NotNull PsiElement psiElement) { return psiElement instanceof PsiNamedElement; } @Nullable @Override public String getHelpId(@NotNull PsiElement psiElement) { return null; } @NotNull @Override public String getType(@NotNull PsiElement element) { if (element instanceof SimpleProperty) { return "simple property"; } else { return ""; } } @NotNull @Override public String getDescriptiveName(@NotNull PsiElement element) { if (element instanceof SimpleProperty) { return ((SimpleProperty) element).getKey(); } else { return ""; } } @NotNull @Override public String getNodeText(@NotNull PsiElement element, boolean useFullName) { if (element instanceof SimpleProperty) { return ((SimpleProperty) element).getKey() + ":" + ((SimpleProperty) element).getValue(); } else { return ""; } } }

11.2. Register the find usages provider

<lang.findUsagesProvider language="Simple" implementationClass="com.simpleplugin.SimpleFindUsagesProvider"/>

11.3. Run the project

Now we can call Find Usages for any property with a reference.

Find Usages

Last modified: 6 October 2017