IntelliJ Platform SDK DevGuide

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17. Commenter

A commenter allows user to comment the code at the cursor or selected code automatically via corresponding actions.

17.1. Define a commenter

package com.simpleplugin; import com.intellij.lang.Commenter; import org.jetbrains.annotations.Nullable; public class SimpleCommenter implements Commenter { @Nullable @Override public String getLineCommentPrefix() { return "#"; } @Nullable @Override public String getBlockCommentPrefix() { return ""; } @Nullable @Override public String getBlockCommentSuffix() { return null; } @Nullable @Override public String getCommentedBlockCommentPrefix() { return null; } @Nullable @Override public String getCommentedBlockCommentSuffix() { return null; } }

17.2. Register the commenter

<lang.commenter language="Simple" implementationClass="com.simpleplugin.SimpleCommenter"/>

17.3. Run the project


Last modified: 6 October 2017