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Source Repository Layout

The source code of IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition is comprised of the following modules. The modules are listed in dependency order: the lowest-level modules are listed first, and highest-level - last.

  • platform - the IntelliJ Platform
    • annotations - definitions of @NotNull, @Nullable and other annotations
    • util - general-purpose utility classes (usable outside of IntelliJ IDEA code)
    • extensions - implementation of the extension point system
    • forms_rt - UI Designer runtime support
    • platform-api, platform-impl - low level of the platform (VFS, text editing, UI framework and action system, etc.)
    • lvcs-api, lvcs-impl - Local History subsystem
    • vcs-api, vcs-impl - core version control integration support
    • lang-api, lang-impl - core language-dependent features (parsing and PSI, highlighting, navigation, code completion, etc.)
    • testRunner - core of graphical test runner
    • smRunner - implementation of graphical test runner based on TeamCity service messages
    • xdebugger-api, xdebugger-impl - extensible (multi-language) debugger (not used by any components of Community Edition but available for use by plugins)
    • platform-resources - definition of platform components, services, extensions and extension points, default settings of platform components
    • platform-resources-en - localizable messages of platform components
    • icons - icons and art used by the IntelliJ Platform and IntelliJ IDEA
    • testFramework - framework for writing functional tests for IntelliJ Platform
  • xml - XML language support
    • openapi, impl - XML language support implementation
    • dom-openapi, dom-impl - DOM (framework for high-level operations with XML-based file formats) implementation
  • java - Java language support and IDE functionality
    • openapi, java-impl - Java language support (parsing, code insight, refactorings, inspections etc.)
    • jsp-openapi, jsp-base-openapi, jsp-spi - interfaces for JSP support (implementation is not provided in IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition)
    • compiler - compiler infrastructure and Java compiler support
    • execution - Java-specific run configurations
    • debugger - Java debugger
    • idea-ui - IntelliJ IDEA-specific UI components (project structure, new project wizard etc.)
    • testFramework - framework for writing Java-specific functional tests
    • java-tests - tests for Java support
  • RegExpSupport - regular expressions language support
  • plugins - plugins bundled with the Community Edition
  • resources - definitions of IntelliJ IDEA components, services, extensions and extension points, default settings of IntelliJ IDEA components
  • resources-en - localizable messages of IntelliJ IDEA components
  • build - Gant build scripts
  • lib - third-party libraries
  • license - license agreements of third-party libraries
  • samples - sample plugins
  • native - C/C++ source code of native libraries and utilities used in IntelliJ IDEA
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